Chapter 8

Back   To    Franz   Hitler

There is this group of six kids that have seemed to have survived all of my attacks. They seem invincible, but they are covered in cuts and bruises. They have killed lots of our men, my troops that survive tell me. These kids will live no longer when I send my gas bombs. Unless they stole our gas masks, weapons, and armor, they can not survive Experiment B1.

“Sir, we have bad news. Those kids escaped the B1 Experiment.” When he said this, I got really mad. How could those little kids could survive?

“How many other survivors are in their area?” I asked.

“They are the last in their area. There are lots more survivors in Colorado and many other states, but the original colonies are all dead.”

“What are those again?”

“They are the first 13 states, duh.” the soldier said

“Oh yeah, I knew that, but that is very rude commander.”

“What is it?”

“You said “duh” to your superior.” I pulled on a gas mask and released the gas. The soldier quickly fell to the floor. This time I edited the gas so he wouldn’t turn to a zombie, instead, he died with his insides exploding inside of him. I have already said this, but I am very cruel. I can use this bomb on those kids. If they survive, I will go to kill them myself. Then, I can dictate the whole area they’re in. “Schedule a flight for me to Tennessee,” I told my servant

“Why, sir?” He asked. 

“I must dictate my new land.”

“There are still people in North America.” he told me.

“I know,”

“Master Hitler, why are you going to North America?”

“I will kill those six little kids.”

“Don’t be cruel master.”

“I can’t help it. It’s simply my personality.”

“Don’t do this!” he pleaded.

“Schedule my flight!” I yelled pointing a gun at him. He quickly typed some words on my laptop.

“I have scheduled your flight for tomorrow at 6:00 PM, sir.” 

“Good,” I said mischievously. “Goodbye kids,” I whispered to myself.