Chapter 6

To Colorado

The police took us to the garage and drove us away. Suddenly out of nowhere, about 20 masked men jumped out and fired at will. With the police that were driving our car, we all, with Ava screaming at the top of her lungs, jumped out of the car. I was never more scared ever in my life. Before all of this, I thought jumping out of a car driving at 50 mph was crazy. I still do, but it was necessary at this point in time.

 The creatures started coming as the police cars all exploded one by one from the shots of the Nazis. I was looking around when I noticed that Ernest wasn’t there. Neither was anybody else. Just Wyatt, being incredibly lucky as always, had somehow managed to steal a pistol from a soldier and all the soldiers and mutants focused on him. Again, INCREDIBLY lucky, Wyatt had somehow survived but even with his luck wasn’t gonna last long. I jumped on a Nazi blasting at him and said “Hi!” They turned around and looked at me and shouted, ”Feuer” and that sounded like “Fire” for some strange reason. And I think that’s what it meant. I muttered a curse word under my breath. “Wyatt!” I screamed, “Now would be a great time!

 “Oh yeah,” Wyatt said. (I slapped myself on the face for that). He grabbed a mini cannon laying on the ground. The Nazis spoke some German and turned around. 

“Uh Oh!”, the Nazis said.Wyatt open fired. In mere seconds, all the Nazis and mutants were dead.

“Seriously Wyatt?” I said, “How hard is it to forget that your best friend is laying on the ground and getting shot at by Nazis?”

“Sorry!” he said somehow still cheerful. 

Suddenly I remembered my friends “Finn?!” I screamed “Ernest! Mary! Ava!” 

They came up from behind a rock. “Phew!” I sighed. “You’re ok!” 

“Is it over?” Ava asked. 

“Yeah,” I said 

“Are we all ok?” Wyatt asked. 

“Yep” we all said in unison.

 “Then let’s go.” Wyatt said.