Chapter 5

The   Gas   Bombs

I always had an interest in genealogy, the study of genetics. The code that makes a living creature what it is. My true goal in life was not just to avenge the Hitler bloodline, but also to learn how to edit the genetics of certain creatures and mutate them. Like turning a mouse into a vicious monster of danger. 

Lately, I have altered the genetics of a wild rat to create a wild bird-like creature. I personally call it Experiment A1. “The Rebellion” calls them “Flockers”. I have heard reports saying that our first experiment, A1, killed a whole unit of soldiers. It was a huge success. 

Now I plan on releasing the final project. I call it Experiment B1. It is a gas that when reaches the lungs of a living thing, rewrites its DNA. I have now inserted it into bombs so that it releases the gas after detonation. I plan to use it on the survivors.

If the gas reaches their lungs it will turn them into mindless creatures that will hunt down any other survivors. Then no survivors will remain. I will have complete rule over North America. And there is no escape.

“SIR, YES, SIR!” The soldiers saluted to me as I passed down the hall. I was about test the experiment B1 on some puny prisoners I had captured. If it won’t work then none of my people would be harmed. Only the prisoners would be harmed. And if it did work I’d know that the gas would turn any survivors into my servants.

I walked into the room where the prisoners were staying. “Hello”, I said to the prisoners. “I’m glad you are here. You are about to change the way everyone views genetic editing. You are about to change history. Be ready for anything.”

Five soldiers entered the room and opened the cell gate to let the prisoners out. They led them out into the hall. I followed.

We continued until we reached another room. The room was full of experiments and chemicals in test tubes. I took a small Gas Bomb and centered it in the room. I also took a gas mask and strapped it to my head. 

The soldiers already had some built into their suits. I crouched down over the bomb and flipped a switch. It released a yellow gas that floated over us. The prisoners started to a cough and gag. One fell to the ground wheezing.

“Is it working, Sir?” asked one of the soldiers. 

“I can’t tell yet,” I said.

I looked at the wheezing prisoners and saw them go crazy. They went completely crazy. They were acting like their insides were melting. They attacked the five soldiers that were in the room. As they savagely attacked the soldiers, I opened the door, got out, and locked the door shut. “Help us!” one soldier screamed at me.

“Sorry, but at least you will be a part of my experiment. You will be famous.” I admit I can be cruel sometimes like that. Adolf Hitler was also cruel, though. I am just continuing the work that Adolf Hitler never got the time to finish. I watched the soldiers try to get out. I took off my gas mask and waved goodbye as I walked away. I said again, “You will be remembered!”

Now I can use this gas for attacking. I just need to modify my soldier’s armor, because apparently, those “zombies” broke through it. I also need new weapons that can stop Experiment B1 from attacking.

I designed new armor and put it on a soldier. I quickly opened the door and shoved the soldier into the room. Experiment B1 started attacking the soldier. They tried hard, but they couldn’t get past the armor. “Yes!” I exclaimed. Now, we are truly unstoppable.