Chapter 3

The   Night    with     the    Enemy

We were sleeping in an abandoned house that had been bombed. Finn woke me up after he heard more bombs exploding and coming down. I tried to go back to sleep, but it was hard, because at any second Nazis could break down the door, storm in, and shoot us. I looked out the window and saw Nazi soldiers looking through other houses. “What if they find us in here?” asked Finn. “They won’t find us,” I said lying to make him feel better. Wyatt woke up. “What are you guys doing?”

“I can’t sleep. I just keep wondering if the Nazis will find us in here,” whispered Wyatt.

“Let’s go outside!” exclaimed Finn stupidly.

“No, that’s suicide!” I yelled.

 “Too late!” Finn said as he opened the door and walked out. Wyatt and I ran after him.  Finn was going around looking at dead Nazis and looking at their technology. Wyatt and I grabbed Finn and dragged him onto the sidewalk.

“Here is the deal, you can take their cool gas masks if you go back to sleep!”

“Deal!” he yelled loudly. He ran around and collected gas masks for all of us to use. He must have yelled too loudly because, all of a sudden, we heard marching and a foreign language. In fact, an ION was driving down the road! We ran in between two houses and hid. The soldiers had laser pointers for aiming.

 I knew this because no one in their right mind would go out during a huge war with a laser pointer! Also, a ton of the lasers was pointing in our direction. None of them were touching us, but they were close. If we moved even an inch, the lasers would be touching us and the Nazis would pull the triggers on their guns and we would be dead. 

The thought of that made me hyperventilate. When I hyperventilate, I am loud. Finn covered my mouth and mouthed “Shut up!” The soldiers said something that I am guessing meant “false alarm” because they all left. 

While they were leaving, a soldier dropped a bomb. Two separate gases leaked out of the bomb. An orange gas, and a green one. Wyatt told us to put the gas masks on. 

I didn’t even breathe the gas, but all of a sudden I felt like I was breathing the freshest air in the world. I gasped for air a little bit too loudly. It turns out, the Nazis tricked us! They never left.  They all jumped in pointing guns at us. I was freaking out like crazy! To be honest, we all were. I started crying loudly. The window above us cracked. Rob popped his head out the window and shot at the Nazis. “Climb in!” Rob yelled. We took turns climbing into the broken window.

“Why did you do that?! You could have gotten killed!”

“Sorry,” we said in unison.

“I did it,” said Finn.

“I ran out to explore and Dylan and Wyatt ran after me,” explained Finn.

“I don’t care who did”-BANG BANG! Rob look out the window. Black suited soldiers were running towards us.

“We will talk later. Right now, we have to fight. Go wake up Mary, Ava, and Ernest and hide.” We did what he told us.

“Mary! Mary! Mary!”

“What?” She asked exhausted.

 “There are Nazis! You wake up  Ernest and Ava and run to that room! We will be under the bed.” I exclaimed pointing at a room down the hall. We ran to the room and hid quietly. Shots rang out rapidly. I heard bodies fall to the floor. I hoped none of them was from our unit.

All of a sudden, the shooting stopped. Rob ran toward us. “We have to go! More are coming!” He yelled. 

“What happened to the other five soldiers?” Ava asked. Rob was silent for a second. 

“They will be remembered for their bravery.” We were all silent. I can’t take this anymore! Can’t death stop for even a second?

We all followed Rob to a mall that was apparently a rescue station now. There were about fifty people in the mall. Rob took us to a room with yoga mats on the floor. “WE HAVE TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR AGAIN?!” exclaimed Mary very loudly. 

“At least we have mats now,” optimized Finn. 

“Yay, we’re all roommates!” said Ernest. That made us all laugh. Finally, something was funny and not just sad. “I was being serious,” said Ernest, joking. We laughed even more. 

We went to sleep. I don’t know why, but it was easier to sleep now. I finally got some good sleep.