Chapter 2

The    Nazis  before  the war

I am Franz Hitler. I am the Great-Great-Great-Grandson of Adolf Hitler. I only attacked the US for one reason. I wanted to avenge my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. When I win the war, I will destroy anyone or anything that stands in my path. It took a long time before I decided to attack them. The whole North American continent will be mine to rule. Then, I shall take the whole world in my grasp. 

Here is how it happened:

 “Sir, there is a meeting scheduled for today at 3:00 PM. Are you planning to attend the meeting? It is very important,” said one of my workers, Friedrich.

“Is it confidential?” I asked.

“Yes, very confidential.”

“What is the meeting about?”

“As I said, it is confidential. If you want to know, you must attend the meeting.”

“If you refuse to tell me, I will not attend.”

“Fine, the meeting is about bombing North America.” When he said that I froze. After a few seconds of thinking, I made my decision.

“I will attend the meeting. Put it on my schedule.”

“Yes, sir!” 

“Who else will be attending the meeting?”

“A few captains and the general of the German army.”

“Thank you, Friedrich.”

“Your welcome sir,” he replied. Great! They are deciding on bombing the entire continent of North America. I have been planning on this for a long time. Now they have finally thought of the same idea.

It is 3:00 PM and we are all sitting in the meeting room, about to start the meeting. 

“I call this meeting to order. Today we are discussing the matters of bombing North America. First, we must discuss the reasons why we want to attack,” exclaimed the chief of the meeting

“The US is in North America and is the strongest nation in the world. If we destroy the US, we could be the strongest nation in the world,” explained one of the captains

“We have lots of new high tech weapons. We could test them on North America,” said the general.

“I want to attack North America because I want to avenge Adolf Hitler,” I said

“Is that it?” asked a captain.

“Yes, what other reason would I need?”

“Hitler was a madman! He was pure evil!”

“He is my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather!”

“Well guess what? He’s dead!”

“That’s why I have to continue what my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather started!”

“Gentlemen, calm down.. People can have different reasons to fight,” said the chief of the meeting.

“Alright now gentlemen all in favor of bombing, say aye.”

“Aye,” said almost all of the men. The man who argued with me was silent as well as some others. 

“Why don’t you want to bomb North America?”

“Franz is just doing this to avenge Hitler. I will never praise someone like Hitler!” said the captain.

“I agree with him!”

“Is it wrong for me to avenge my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather?!”

“Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. We are bombing North America!” Exclaimed the chief of the meeting. Yes! We will bomb North America for Adolf Hitler. 

Before I went to sleep, I whispered to myself, “I will avenge you, Adolf Hitler, we will bomb North America just for you!” The next morning, I sent every single aircraft and jet to North America. I sent battleships, warships, and practically every single kind of army boat. Soon after that, all of our soldiers were launched to arrive the next day at approximately 12:00 AM.

The next day At 11:00 AM the Units I sent to the US told me that they arrived in Washington, DC. I told them to attack as soon as they got off the ship. They are off bombing schools, churches, hotels, and homes. Oh, look at that! Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans are fighting us. They are weak compared to us. Too bad, we already dictated America’s allies. They stand no chance. Enemy soldiers are dying everywhere, and rapidly. How do I know this is happening you ask? We sent a satellite in the air that has been watching since 2005. It has been 25 years. We know everything about the entire continent, every single inch.

 Goodbye North America. 

Hello Adolf Hitler.