Chapter 14

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I thought Ava would run away when I flirted with her, but she didn’t she just giggled and smiled. After that, I got closer to her and held her hand. When I was holding her hand, I thought “WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!” 

After we finished eating, we looked around for any stuff we could find and use. As we walked, Ernest and Wyatt talked to me. 

“I saw you hold her hand! Did you kiss her?” Wyatt asked

“How did you get to hold her hand?” Ernest asked.

“I said something.” I replied

“What did you say?!” they both asked in unison.

“None of your business!” I exclaimed.

“Tell me at least a little bit.” Wyatt said.

“Fine, I said, “I hate when they leave us alone at one table, but it isn’t that bad because I am sitting at a table with you.” and then she giggled and I held her hand.” I said.

“Unspeakable!” Ernest commented.

“Also, I asked for part of it and you told me everything.” Wyatt complained.

“You’re complaining about the fact that I gave you more than what you wanted? You are a strange kid, Wyatt.”

“Thank you’, kind sir!” He said.

“Go talk to her!” Ernest said.

“No!” I said.

“Too late!” Wyatt said pushing me towards Ava with Ernest.

“Stop it!” Ava said helping me up. 

“Sorry about that, they are just doing “dude” stuff.” I explained.

“I know!” she said. 

“That is what I like about you. You are mature. You are a dude, but not a “dude” and you think before you do something stupid.” she continued.

“The only thing is that sometimes, I still do the stupid thing.” I joked. She laughed. “Ok good, she laughed. I guess that means I didn’t screw up.” I thought. Wyatt pulled me back.

“What did you say or do?” he asked.

“I just did some talking. She told me why she likes me and I made a joke about it.” I explained.

“Great job dude!” said Ernest said.

“She also said that I am a dude, but I am not a “dude”.” I said with quotations on the word “dude”. It’s fun doing those quotations.

“That is offensive!” Ernest jokes.

“I agree with Ernest.” said Wyatt. I chuckled. 

As I was walking, I looked at Ava and tripped on a piece of metal. It made a loud noise. We were still pretty close to the camp. We saw soldiers start to run in our direction.

“Run!” I yelled.

“Where do we run?” Wyatt asked. I analyzed the terrain. There was nowhere to hide. I saw a manhole 20 feet ahead of us.

“Quickly, over there!” I commanded, pointing to the hole in the ground

“No way i’m going in there, it looks disgusting!” exclaimed Mary.

“Which is better? Dying clean, or living dirty. We can wash off later!” I replied. We ran to the manhole. All at once, we opened the lid. One by one, we jumped in. I closed the lid and told everyone to be quiet. We heard the soldiers talking and we heard their footsteps going off somewhere else. I tried to open the lid, but it was stuck. We all tried at once, but it still wouldn’t budge. 

“Great! Now we’re stuck!” complained Wyatt.

“Don’t give up. We will have to find another exit. Just keep walking through the paths.” I said. We walked and walked until there was an opening. We were about to crawl out of the opening, when we heard a familiar man’s voice.

“What are you doing?” the man asked, with his face covered up by a shadow.

“Who are you?” Ernest asked bravely. The man chuckled. He got out of the shadow. His face was covered with a German gas mask.

“You’re a soldier here to kill us!” Wyatt said, scared. The man removed his gas mask. It was Rob!

“Rob! You’re alive!” Finn exclaimed.

“How’d you survive?” I asked.

“You guys buried me so deep that it lead to the sewers.”

“How could you breathe when we buried you underground?”

“America has its own high tech too. I wore an invisible gas mask the whole time. I also wore it when the fire got me, so I wouldn’t breathe the smoke.” he explained.

“You were bleeding and covered in burns too.” Mary said.

“Like I said, American technology.”

“Whoa!” Wyatt exclaimed.

“Well, let’s get going,” Rob said, getting up. After he got up, I rushed to hug him. I thought he was dead, but he was standing right there. He’s not a ghost.

“Where will we go?” asked Ava.

“We gotta get to Colorado, so we can evacuate to Asia.” he said.

“Isn’t there war going on there?” Mary asked.

“Only in Korea and Japan, but we are at peace with them, so it will be peaceful.” he answered.

“How will we get there?” Finn asked.

“We will fly to Seattle and then, from there, we will take a boat to Asia.”

“But, that will take forever!” Wyatt retorted.

“Remember, we have American technology.”

“Then, how long will it take?” responded Wyatt.

“The boat ride will take two weeks.”

“That’s too long. By then our enemies will have control. We need to fight!” Wyatt said.

“No.” Rob said. You have come very close to dying to sometimes.  

“You heard what we said. We fight. Now I have an idea. We get captured.” 

“Why would you do that?” asked Ava.

“So we can get to this German base and get rid of them!”

“You are just a bunch of KIDS!” Rob yelled. His words echoed in the area.

“Guys, let’s go.” said Wyatt as he walked away.

We followed him

“I think Rob is right, we could get killed, or have Rob die for real this time,” said Mary, maturely.

“SO?! I’D RATHER DIE IN HONOR THAN WHEN I AM RUNNING FOR MY LIFE!” “You will not die in honor, if you are just a kid, not a soldier. Only soldiers die in honor. We are not stopping this war! We are evacuating. If you die, you will be remembered by no one. Your family died didn’t they? They can’t remember you. What are you gonna be remembered for? Being shot by a gun? My friends were shot by a gun, and I didn’t even know that they died until years later.”Wyatt was disappointed.     

He shoved me out of the way and ran away. I ran after him yelling his name. We couldn’t find Wyatt anywhere. The time was almost nine. I was worried. I thought my best friend died. 

“What if the soldiers took him and kidnapped him?”