Chapter 10

Ernest’s Story

“Hi, I am Ernest.” I said, being the new kid at school.

“Hey, I am Dylan. Wanna play Power Rangers?” He replied, pointing to Wyatt.

That was 5 years ago. It is my favorite memory of when I met my best friend, Dylan. We are older kids now and don’t really play games like that anymore. It was fun playing with him though, but those are old memories. Now we are ten or eleven year olds and all we do is “Hang out” except at recess, if we can go off the greentop we play a little bit of games, but they are not games that little kids would consider, “fun.” I am still immature sometimes and I miss when we played those little kid games. I should be grateful though. I don’t think I can ever play or do anything fun with Dylan ever again, because of this war. We all hate it!

Finn had just agreed to carry Mary and I was glad not to be doing it. I am one of the skinnier kids in th 5th grade. We are in the highest grade in school and I am still skinnier than a 2nd grader.  I would be out of breath in minutes. I bet she weighs more than me. Anyway, since we forgot the school bus was there, Finn didn’t really have to carry Mary, but he sat next to her the whole time. It was my turn driving, though Dylan highly objected, I stood up and sat down in the driver’s seat and decided to do what Wyatt did, put it in drive and floor it. By nightfall we thought we were in Missouri (not sure though).

“If we’re in Missouri, then we’re almost there!” yelled Finn. When he did that, Mary shifted her position and leaned her head on his shoulder and for a second, I thought Mary would wake up. I swear that I saw Finn in the mirror smile afterwards.


I was looking at the mirror way too much and I wasn’t paying attention to the road. SMASH! BOOM! CRASH! we smashed into a house “OOF!”

“Guys?” I yelled. “Wake up!” They stayed still. I was feeling queasy because all of the blood was rushing to my head and all of a sudden, the room went dark.

I woke up when Dylan pinched me. It didn’t hurt, it just startled me.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Is everyone else okay?” I asked, curiously.2

“Finn and Ava are hurt. I am trying to help , but they’re bleeding bad,” He said. I stared at the air blankly. It was my fault. I had driven the bus into a house. I had taken a risk of everyone dying. It was all my fault.

“How’d you get me down?” I asked

“I carried you. You are light as a feather,” Dylan said with his optimism, even though Finn and Ava were hurt. I chuckled. Then I noticed that everything was blurry.

“Where are my glasses?” I questioned.

“Sorry, but they broke when the bus crashed. At least I found them,” he said as he gave me my broken glasses. 

We didn’t know what to do. We were stranded on a highway with no food or water, in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t know where we were. With no way to do anything. It had started to rain, and we were all very solemn. “I guess our journey ends here,” Finn said.

“No, we will die soon if we stop.” I said worn out. 

“We’ll sleep in the bus.” said Dylan with his “leadership.”

I went to the very back of the bus and went to sleep. When I woke up, we were moving. The bus slowly stopped right before the end of the street.

“What happened?”

“We ran outta gas.”

“Dang it!”

“Admit it, we’re done for!” Finn said

“No. We’re not.”

“Where will we go?” Dylan checked his phone.

“Wow! There’s WiFi! I’ll find a gas station or a nearby house.” He said.

“The gas station is 10 miles away. That’s about the place where the Nazis attacked us. It’s in the opposite direction of Colorado, which means we already passed it.”

“I am not going back. I have had enough of the war.” Dylan said.

“I am not going either.” said Finn

Everyone agreed to not go back, except Dylan and Wyatt. They chose to go back for gas.

“We will be back in an hour.” Dylan said.

“But, we don’t have the bus to take us back. We have to run for it.” Wyatt reasoned. 

“Great, now we are really done for. We can’t run that far and back.”

“Then we’ll all go and sneak around.” Wyatt said, thinking about how lucky they could possibly get. 

“Fine.” Finn said.