Chapter 21


I was scared. Some soldiers wore masks that looked like plague doctors. Later on, I figured out that they were using the masks for intimidation. Those soldiers have killed my parents, and threw me into a concentration camp. It was horrible. They wouldn’t feed us. I was stuck for a week in a cell watching other prisoners go insane. Then, I had a flashback.

The news was always fake. No matter how convincing, it was fake. One day it was talking about secret Nazi organizations forming to fight another world war. The news claimed that they were planning to dictate the whole world. I got scared and told my parents, but they said it was obviously fake. The next day, we drove to church. My parents and I were walking down the row to sit down. We were about to start our routine, but we heard loud knocking. We ignored it and kept going on. All of a sudden, the door busted open and soldiers started shooting at us. I ducked and hid under the seats. My parents were screaming as they were being shot. Soldiers were running through the rows. My leg was sticking out, so a soldier grabbed me by the leg and yanked me out. I cried loudly as I saw my parents lying on the floor. The soldier carried me outside. I saw other people getting carried away.